July 22

What to Expect in a private PSYCH-K session?


A session with a facilitator involves sitting down in a quiet room and connecting online one-on-one. Consider where you are and where you’d like to be instead.
You can expect to focus on the beliefs that you want in your life, based on the issues you’re facing. We agree that the session will be simple, powerful and effective and that you will remain open and curious throughout.
Quite quickly, we will determine what beliefs you would like given your circumstances and go through the Balance process. We see you are after the Balance then circle back to the original issue, to determine whether further belief change needs to be done. We continue this process until you are ready to move on.
We also create action steps to signal to the subconscious that these new beliefs ought to become ‘active’ and provide certainty to the conscious mind that something has indeed changed. The more action you take, the greater change you will see in your life.


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Is PSYCH-K WooWoo?
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