What is PSYCH-K?

PSYCH-K is a simple, powerful and effective way to align your subconscious with how you'd rather be.

PSYCH‑K reprograms the underlying belief patterns that drive our thoughts feelings and behaviours. 

Before delving into PSYCH-K, we need to understand how our beliefs run our lives. That is, our beliefs are in our subconscious and are on automatic all the time.

What is the subconscious?

The belief system we develop as children, which forms our personalities, is generated below our conscious awareness – in the subconscious. Our subconscious is all that exists beyond our conscious awareness.

You are consciously reading these words, but your subconscious is keeping you breathing and your blood pumping. Your subconscious is alerting you to go to the bathroom and allows you to have a conversation while driving your car without thinking. It can also bring up doubts about your abilities, make you fear spiders and question your motivation and ability when you’re trying to get fit.

It’s when you start noticing things in your life that you don’t want that your subconscious may be working against you.

  • Have you ever thought, 'this is just how I am'?
  • Do you fall for the same type of partner with the same frustrations, habits and patterns?
  • Are you feeling blocked and cannot take action?

Our beliefs drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Our belief system is the lens through which we experience reality. Our experience of situations is different to others – some experience stress when in large groups or speaking publicly, while others thrive on that and get stressed out about keeping their house clean. These different levels of stress result from the belief system we’ve created as children.

Our beliefs are largely created when we’re children, at a time when we accept everything we’re told as true. Unfortunately, this can mean that when we see lots of issues in our upbringing, like an alcoholic or abusive parent, we often take it on as though it’s our fault the parent behaves that way. The flow-on effects can have a significant impact on how we see ourselves and see the world later in life, due to the belief system developed from our upbringing.

We also take on beliefs from those around us growing up. Have you ever been told you’re so much like your mother or your father? You might be very determined, but have a short temper. Or, you might be a lovely person but lack confidence. Whatever the case, the belief system that forms our personalities is stored in the subconscious.

Patterns and why it’s hard to change

The patterns in your life reflect your beliefs. If we have a supportive upbringing, with lots of love, care and stability, there’s a greater chance that our subconscious supports us in the various aspects of our lives - we respect ourselves, eat well, have great friends and can raise a family. This is reinforced as we grow older through the relationships we make, the habits we build and the environment we create for ourselves.

When we’ve had more challenges growing up, our beliefs will reflect this. We create limiting beliefs that make it hard to overcome adversity, maintain a relationship, hold down a job or keep healthy habits. This can also occur through a major trauma at any age.

Root system changing beliefs patterns through PSYCH-K

How do you handle change?

  • Have you tried to start or quit a habit? E.g. Signing up for a gym membership but not sticking to it? Quit smoking or drinking? Stop overeating or just staying up until all hours watching Netflix?
  • Have you ever tried to stop self‑talk? E.g. The thoughts in your mind, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m a fraud’, ‘nobody loves me’, ‘I’m too fat/thin’, I’m so ugly’, I’m so stupid’.
  • Do you know what’s best for you but just can’t take action and follow through?

PSYCH‑K is the fastest way of reprogramming your beliefs to save you time, energy, money and distress

PSYCH‑K is a simple, powerful and effective process to overcome your limiting beliefs to reach your potential. PSYCH‑K works with changing beliefs at the subconscious level, to align with what you consciously want.

The advantage of PSYCH‑K is that it fast-tracks the change process and allows you to change your beliefs instantly and for the long haul. This doesn’t mean that you can change everything in your life in one session. What it does mean that you can address particular stressful or limiting beliefs, resulting in significant and lasting change to create a new path for your life.

The benefit of PSYCH-K

Traditionally, we change our subconscious beliefs and patterns through hard work and repetition (habituation). You need the awareness of the limiting belief or behaviour and then you need the desire to change. So, you force yourself to go out running every morning - it’s hard, it takes a long time, but eventually you may want to do it.

If you constantly think you’re ‘not enough’, you could practice telling yourself you’re enough until you think you are. This is what affirmations are designed to do. However, this change takes a lot of time, effort and support.

For example, where someone always experiences doubts about their abilities to achieve or to be accepted, it will be a long road convincing themselves (at a subconscious level) that this is how they really are.

PSYCH-K: Align your subconscious with where you’d rather be

The benefit of PSYCH‑K is that it is focused on changing the beliefs that drive the thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Conventionally, we do it backwards by forcibly changing the behaviours and stopping the thoughts and feelings as they arise in the hope that this will eventually change the belief.

Focusing on the beliefs is like pulling out the whole root system of a tree and planting a new one, rather than hacking off leaves and branches that keep growing back.

Root system changing beliefs patterns through PSYCH-K

PSYCH-K: A tool for change

PSYCH‑K is a great tool that can transform your experience of stressful situations by removing the emotional weight on your shoulders. You’ll still have that difficult colleague, family member, illness or other misfortunate, but your attachment to it will change.

We can use PSYCH-K to remove stress related to past trauma, relationship issues and phobias. You can also reduce the likelihood of facing such stresses in the future by also changing the beliefs that drove the situation to its climax in the first place. 

How to start

Ultimately, PSYCH‑K can put you on a path for you to overcome all of life’s stresses to reach your potential. Contact me now to book a session or look here to learn more about how sessions can help you.