What is a PSYCH-K Session?

PSYCH‑K® sessions are held using online video such as through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

What's it about?

PSYCH‑K® is about getting to where you’d rather be. In a typical PSYCH‑K® session, you can expect to discuss issues you’re facing and identify the limiting beliefs that are likely driving those situations and behaviours. We will then use the PSYCH‑K® process to transform the belief into something that aligns with what you want instead. The majority of the session is in the ‘doing’ of the change process, rather than analysing your issue. PSYCH‑K® is a simple and easy process with powerful results.

The Balance Process in PSYCH-K

The process of PSYCH‑K®, known as a Balance, involves muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious to establish whether one has the belief we desire. Muscle testing is common in kinesiology and other energy psychology modalities as a way to communicate with the subconscious. The belief is in the form of an affirmation - that is, present tense with a positive direction, simple and meaningful. In PSYCH‑K®, we refer to the belief statement as a ‘Goal Statement’.

If we’re lacking in that belief, we will progress with the Balance through a series of protocols using muscle testing then engage a 'whole brain’ state. Rob Williams, PSYCH‑K® originator, suggests that this position improves communication between the left and right brain hemispheres and provides for a greater opportunity to change the subconscious. We then test again to ensure the belief change has taken place.

For example, if you’re facing a stressful family or relationship issue and want to take the emotional weight from the situation, we can use PSYCH‑K® to transform that perception of stress into a state of peace and non-attachment. We can also change any related beliefs that are bringing on those feelings to how you would prefer to be instead.

PSYCH-K Balances

In PSYCH‑K®, we call the full process of changing a belief, a Balance. I offer a range of Balances using PSYCH-K®. In addition to the transformation of stress and the use of Goal Statements to change beliefs, additional balances include:

Core Belief Balance

This Balance covers 13 ‘Core Beliefs’ that often keep us from reaching our potential. This Balance can assist in accelerating change. My experience of the Core Belief Balance is that it results in faster, positive and significant change unfolding over time. This particular Balance takes time and I recommend it in conjunction with other goals and aims within sessions.

Optimal Health and Wellbeing Balance

This advanced Balance covers 22 beliefs that contribute to optimal health and wellbeing. I can say that after having done this Balance, my family and I seem to have faced less regular health challenges (colds/flus). Note, this is not a substitute for medical assistance.

Relationship Balance

This Balance can transform personal issues with others and better understand the lessons to be learned in the relationship. It will provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents, children, spouses, friends, and lovers. My experience of the Relationship Balance has included couples feeling like they’re back in their honeymoon period.

Messages Protocol

This Balance seeks to discover spiritual messages that may be present in challenging situations.

Life-Bonding Balance

The “trauma of birth” and the “fear of death” are two powerful aspects of human experience. This balance uses breath to re‑program the negative impact of these influences on our lives. By directing the breath back and forth between two power points in the body, you will learn to transform stress associated with the birth and ‘death’ experiences.


PSYCH-K® can identify the association that has been made between the stimulus giving you a reaction and the person, event or thing that is triggering allergic responses. PSYCH-K® can Balance for this and often remove the allergic response for good.

Details of a PSYCH-K Session


  • Online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • 75 minutes per session, typically focusing on one or two issues you’re currently facing.
  • Discounts for multiple sessions.
  • Book via email alex@wavesofchange.com.au.

Discuss your issue

We discuss the issue that is pressing or concerning you briefly to understand where you're at and what belief you would want in relation to that situation or issue instead of what is driving it at the moment.

Complete the Balance process

We then use muscle testing and the PSYCH-K process to insert the new desired belief relating to the issue into the subconscious. We also circle back to see whether there is any new beliefs to resolve the issue.

Action Steps

We agree on some practical ways to affirm to the conscious and the subconscious mind that change has taken place. This is something simple, that you otherwise would not do, to realise the change in your life.

How can I prepare for the PSYCH-K journey?

Again, if you’ve experienced a trauma that is revisiting you, facing a highly stressful situation/relationship or have a phobia you’d like to get rid of, get in contact right away. However, if you’re seeking more comprehensive change, require multiple sessions, intend on doing the PSYCH‑K® Basic Workshop or just want to learn more about how to apply PSYCH‑K® in your life, keep reading.

There are obviously enormous benefits from working on yourself longer term. You’ll change your perspective which changes the way you think, act and feel, generating new results in your life. The benefit of PSYCH‑K® is that the belief change you make stays with you, rather than having to be reinforced again and again.

PSYCH‑K® is such a powerful tool but the change comes from YOU. You already know deep down what the issues are that are holding you back, but when considering comprehensive change, it’s worth educating yourself. Read the information on this website, watch the videos and think about where you’re at in your journey. Consider doing the following:

Map where your energy goes

As you go through your day, consider what’s taking up time in your mind. The issue could be huge or it could be tiny. For example, energy could be going to:

  • Forgetting to bring your lunch to work and the associated annoyance.
  • Your unbearable colleague that infuriates you long after they’ve left for the day.
  • Not getting around to calling back your parents or sibling about the next family event.
  • Being worried about your partner and how they’re doing after a stressful event.
  • Your procrastination and how you get angry with yourself for wasting time (or your partner gets angry).
  • Money stresses, road rage, intimacy issues, addiction, anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness or loneliness.

Whatever it is, write down the thoughts as they come. At the end of the day, think about the five biggest stresses in your life and think about how often they go through your mind. You’d be surprised how often they circulate.

That’s a great start. You can bring your list to a session, pick your top two and we can transform the stress immediately, but we can also change the belief so the issue doesn’t come up in a different form. The chances are, these issues don’t exist in isolation but form as patterns resulting from your subconscious beliefs.

Identify Your Patterns

If you’ve done talk therapy, you probably already know some (or many) of your patterns and limiting beliefs. If you haven’t, write out on paper the different things in your life you’ve tried and identify what was difficult about them. This could be in relation to work, getting your house organised, being nicer to your partner, quitting or starting a habit.

What are the things that you talk about a lot but can’t seem to change? What are the destructive thoughts that come up regularly in different scenarios? Ask your partner or friends what your patterns are - they will know, and hopefully they’ll be honest enough to tell you!

Finally, look to your parents. What are the things that you see are holding them back? The chances are, you’ve taken on many of their beliefs. It may take some analysis to realise that you’re a lot more like them than you’d like to be, but it’s very likely.

Know where you would rather be

Rather than dwelling on the past, PSYCH‑K® focuses on your desires of how you actually want to be, rather than how you’ve ended up. Therefore, a clear idea of how you want to be in relation to your current challenge or belief. This will position you well for a PSYCH-K® session. For example, you may want to:

  • confidently speaking in front of other people;
  • release yourself from emotional trauma and look forward to the future;
  • take charge of your life and achieve an outcome; or
  • be calm and relaxed in the face of stressful colleagues.
The road to change

What issues can I deal with in a Private Session?


In a fast‑paced, technology‑driven world, everyone is trying to keep up and have it all. This puts ongoing stress on the nervous system, exhausting our bodies.

PSYCH-K® can change your perception of stress to take the emotional weight off of the situation. This allows us to make more thoughtful decisions about our lives, rather being stuck in a stressed-out state

Work and Business

If you’re struggling with a particular colleague or you lack the confidence to speak up in meetings, you can change your perspective, be more persuasive and present with confidence.

If you’re running your own business and can’t commit to your next leap, by removing stress and aligning your subconscious with your business goals, you can more easily make progress in your career.

Family and Relationships

Do you attract the same kind of partner in every relationship? Does it seem like the person for you just isn’t out there? Deep down is it because you don’t think you deserve it?

By recognising the relationships you’ve already had, you can understand the beliefs that attract those types of people. PSYCH‑K® can then allow you to create beliefs that are more aligned with the type of partner you’re after.

Anxiety and Depression

Do you have an emptiness inside of you, anxiety about the future or just a lethargy you can’t shake? Does life feel meaningless and you feel completely alone?

You can replace long-held beliefs such as self-hate with desired beliefs such as loving and respecting yourself.


Whether it’s smoking, alcohol, drugs (prescribed or illicit), over/under-eating, gaming or otherwise, typically, there is an underlying reason for addictions.

It can take some digging, but if you’re able to identify the cause, we can change the belief and you can recover from addiction.

Children and adolescents

Behavioural and emotional issues with our children are on the rise and it’s important to recognise that we create these environments.

I can support you, and your child or adolescent to overcome the stresses that arise from the overwhelm of growing up in today’s society.

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