July 26

Is PSYCH-K WooWoo?



No, it is not WOOWOO, it is basic.

I was brought up a sceptic, studied philosophy (the harsh, argumentative type), economics and accounting, and have worked in very rational work environments. While logic and reason assist us in so many facets of our lives at the individual level and at a societal level, when it comes to what is holding us back and what challenges us, I think everyone accepts that different stresses affect people differently.

We’ve all had bosses we could work with easily while watching colleagues struggle as they cannot handle how the boss behaves (and vice versa). If we used logic and reason, we could all respond in our preferred way – but we don’t.

Why is it that one person is more affected or stressed by an event or person than others? Some people can handle health issues easily but struggle at work. Some always have difficult relationships but can run a successful business. We all have unique personalities based on our upbringing – based on our beliefs. Once we recognise what’s driving our struggles, we begin to see how we’d like to be instead.

The final step is to change and PSYCH-K® is an excellent tool to facilitate that change.


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