About Me.

I studied philosophy, economics, sociology and Spanish at Monash University in Australia. I started my career in the not-for-profit sector, before a successful career working for the federal (and a local) government in Australia. I also previously trained as a Lifeline Crisis Supporter (a suicide hotline in Australia). I run an organic farm just outside of Armidale, Australia and raise a young family with my partner. 

PSYCH‑K® builds on my passion for a better world, beyond the structural inequalities that exist, providing me with an opportunity to support others to make meaningful change in their lives.

My PSYCH-K Journey: Growing Up and Subconscious Beliefs

For my whole life, I placed great emotional energy into the well-being of others. I had an underlying worry that my family members weren’t arlright (or weren't going to be ok), which persisted for decades. Ultimately, this came at the expense of my physical and mental health.

As the youngest of three, my parents split up when I was ten. I consider this trauma as the main catalyst for me to constantly worry about my family. As a child, I remember speaking with my mum about it - she was newly single, deep in debt, working a job she didn’t like, with little support around. 

As a trauma, the worry integrated into my personality and consequently dominated much of my everyday experience. Over time, I continued to fear what the effects of the family break-up were having on my mother, my siblings and myself. This left little space and time to take responsibility for my own life and happiness. I had a belief that I was destined to struggle, with a sadness inside that I couldn’t shake (often self‑medicated through alcohol in my early adulthood).

Twentysomething and Crohn's Disease

By the age of 20, I had an onset of illness and found my digestion suffering. After losing 20 kilograms and months of tests, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune, inflammatory bowel disease). Even back then, I felt in my gut (literally!) that this was a result of the underlying stress of worrying about my family.

Thankfully, the medical treatment I received at the time stabilised the condition, despite the long-term risks of corticosteroids and ongoing use of immunosuppressants. I have since stopped all medication.

There is a growing body of literature exploring the mind‑body connection and particular diseases (mainly autoimmune diseases) with chronic emotional stress.

This is well articulated in Dr Gabor Maté’s book, 'When the Body Says No' (see the Resources page for a description). Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disease highlighted in the book.

Sunset on the farm

Having My Own Family and Buying a Farm

After working and living in the city for several years, my partner and I bought a small farm with the aim of living a healthier lifestyle while starting a family. During this period, my priorities still lay in the same concern I had during my childhood - worried for my birth family and now for my new one. On facing significant family conflict between the two, I was tipped over the edge. 

All of this stress took a major toll on us and the birth of my children. A time that should have been focused on the joy of new life, became a very stressful and isolating period. I could see that my health was again declining, through both stress and poor choices in self-medication. On top of this, my worrying thought patterns would exaggerate the suffering - which I realised - I simply couldn’t change them. 

In an awakening moment, my partner questioned how she was a mother in her early 40s breastfeeding a newborn while tackling a toddler, while I was ten years younger and she had significantly more energy than I.

It was at a time of crisis. I was concerned with everybody else while trying to maintain full-time work, running a farm and raise a family. I was required to take stress leave from work. It was in seeking help that I found PSYCH‑K®. I’d been using meditation and breathwork, engaged a psychologist and read into many energy modalities. Exploring different ways to manage life provided a good foundation for the entry of PSYCH‑K® into my life. I’d always known the basics of the conscious and subconscious minds, but I’d never really applied it in a critical way to my life until I came across PSYCH‑K®.

Changing patterns in the forest

PSYCH-K and Changing Patterns

Using PSYCH‑K® over a short period of time, I easily moved where I wanted to be, aligning my previously harmful and negative subconscious beliefs, with my conscious desires – to be free from unnecessary stress and worry. I was ready to take responsibility for my life and create a whole new set of positive beliefs that enable and support me to expand and fulfil my potential. Relieving the emotional burden of stress, worry and blame not only changed my everyday experience from a daily struggle to joyful and inspired, but propelled me to do with my life what I actually wanted - to serve others directly.

After just one PSYCH‑K® session with a facilitator, I was able to relieve myself from much of the emotional burden I’d placed on myself for decades. It didn’t mean every aspect of it was gone but it meant that I was on a path to change the beliefs that drove my stressful thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I also still had to live and face life’s challenges, but I was quickly in a place where I could make new choices, stand by them and support myself and my family to reach our potential.

I quickly went on to complete all of the PSYCH‑K® workshops that I could. I experienced dramatic changes in the way I saw the world and haven’t looked back. There really is a sense of life ‘before’ and ‘after’ PSYCH‑K®.

I realised that many of my life decisions had not been a result of what was serving me, but what I thought was the right thing to do, which was based on beliefs I developed as a child. Growing up, I was told to ‘do what I love', but children learn by observation rather than what you tell them. I replicated the pattern I saw in my family - I found myself struggling, in debt and dissatisfied with my career.

Waves of Change

I realised that my abilities and my passion were better suited to helping people directly - as a PSYCH‑K® facilitator - to support others to overcome life’s stresses and reach their potential. This led me to launch Waves of Change.

While concern for others caused my health to suffer, it did instil an understanding of people’s perspectives and motivations. Further, due to a lack of purpose and direction, I’d studied widely at university - philosophy, sociology, economics and Spanish. 

What I did know was that I had always wanted to help people. That’s why I started my career in the not-for-profit sector before becoming a federal public servant. In the public service, I wanted to influence broader policy issues to improve the lives of people in society. 

I was on the path for a very successful career, but I didn’t enjoy the bureaucracy. At the personal level, I thrived, which made dealing with and managing people easy for me. Between my studies, life experience and having a partner who spent many years working on women’s, gender and cultural issues, I was well placed to help people through PSYCH‑K®.

I am passionate about supporting others to overcome life’s stresses and reach their potential.

Spirituality and the future

Working with others, I have learned how traumatic experience can have much broader effects on people than I previously thought. Some are obvious through phobias and social anxiety. Others are more discrete and permeate throughout one’s life, not just affecting their mindset and most intimate relationships. Transforming several clients’ stress has lead to other apparent unrelated changes in their lives. 

PSYCH‑K® opened my perspective to living a more spiritual life. I see PSYCH‑K® as a stepping stone to a broader perspective, including a spiritual awakening. I want my children to learn from their parent’s example - by pursuing a spiritual life and fulfilling our dreams.

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