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PSYCH‑K® aligns your subconscious beliefs with your conscious desires, allowing you to reach your potential. 

How we can change our subconscious to change the world with PSYCH-K

We live in a society that’s obsessed with the ideal of having it all. As though if you just work hard enough you'll get there.  As a result, we constantly trade our time for money, resulting in longer work hours away from our families. Often, we are not spending time doing the things we love and the activities that inherently energise us. We avoid taking care of our health, experience a constant sense of overwhelm and feel like we’re never quite ‘making it’.

I was like so many of us falling prey to this ideal of trying to have it all.  A successful full‑time career, trying to get ahead by running an organic farm on the side, while also raising a young family with my partner. Then some additional family stress tipped me over the edge. I had previously suffered from Crohn's Disease and managed to bring it into remission for several years but started seeing signs of a relapse. It was time to come up with a solution to being exhausted and sick all the time. After a lot of research, exploring and experiencing different methods to help, I found a tool called PSYCH‑K®. Learn more about my story here.

On top of this, the world has lost its balance. The global pandemic in addition to the extraordinary events of the last few years, particularly in Australia of drought, fires then floods have shown that we've moved away from what's real in our lives and we need to refocus.

This is in addition to disengaged children glued to screens, families living in isolation and lacking community, unstable politics across Western democracies and evolving technology that is having a greater impact on our lives every day. There's employment disruption, the commodification of everything and the resulting health issues from sedentary lifestyles lacking natural sunlight, movement, real food and fresh air.

Prior to PSYCH‑K®, I recognised the systemic issues causing many of our problems in society, but I couldn’t fathom a solution. I saw things purely as cause and response, focusing on activism and incremental change as a way to solve the problems of the world.

My experience of PSYCH‑K® has allowed me to get rid of a lot of baggage that was monopolising my attention, clouding my thinking and my experience of the world. Changing my unhelpful beliefs has brought me more energy and clarity of thought, broadening my perception of what is possible. I realise we need to reimagine our lives and how we structure society to bring the planet back into balance and provide a sustainable positive future for generations to come. Activism and incremental change – while important – does not have the pull to enable the transformational and paradigmatic change we need to heal the planet. Continuing on a confined track of a society based solely on metrics, economic rationalism and Newtonian physics is not going to propel us into the future we desire.

How to change patterns - with PSYCH-K

When you try to change a behaviour, whether it’s learning to be more confident in yourself, more disciplined with health and fitness, or to quit procrastinating, it can feel like you’re fighting against the tide of thoughts and feelings telling you to start tomorrow: it’s too hard! I can’t! I’m never going to achieve what I want! 

These thoughts are our limiting subconscious beliefs at play. Somewhere in our formative years, we embedded negative beliefs into our subconscious that generate unwanted thoughts. Beliefs that cause doubt include, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘there’s something wrong with me’, ‘I say dumb things’, ‘I’ll never get it right’.    

Once we understand that the patterns in our life result from our limiting beliefs in the subconscious, we start to realise that it’s not our fault – it’s our subconscious! We experience the subconscious playing these beliefs back to us, like a tape on repeat.

Whatever we observed growing up – the good and the bad – is where we developed our beliefs. In many cases, those who raised us probably were not aware of the extent of the impact their behaviour had on others. They likely were also playing out their own subconscious beliefs and passing these onto their kids without fully realising it – the good beliefs and the undesirable ones.

Once you accept that you can change these beliefs, you can also accept responsibility for your life. You’re not stuck with ‘just how you are’. You can use PSYCH‑K® to be how you want to be, to achieve your goals and reach your potential. 


The benefit of PSYCH-K®

The benefit of PSYCH‑K® is that it is focused on changing the beliefs that drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Conventionally, we do it backwards by forcibly changing the behaviours and stopping the thoughts and feelings as they arise in the hope that this will eventually change the belief.

Changing the beliefs is like pulling out the whole root system of a tree and planting a new one, rather than pruning branches that keep growing back.

PSYCH‑K® is a tool that can transform your experience of stressful situations by removing the worry and emotional weight on your shoulders.

You’ll still have that difficult colleague, family member, illness or unfortunate event, but your perception of, and attachment to it will change.

So in removing stress and changing your perception of a situation, you can then change your negative response to it, and in many instances, this very act opens opportunities for better outcomes in your life.

PSYCH-K® is a way to change subconscious beliefs at the individual level that define the patterns of your life. 

How PSYCH-K can assist you

  • Using PSYCH‑K® as a tool can enable us to change negative subconscious beliefs, replace them with beneficial beliefs that enable us to take responsibility and change our lives for the better.
  • To remove stress related to past trauma, relationship issues, phobias and allergies. You can also reduce the likelihood of facing such stresses in the future by also changing the beliefs that drove the situation to its climax in the first place. 
  • To put you on a path for you to overcome all of life’s stresses to reach your potential.

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About Alex

I studied philosophy, economics, sociology and Spanish at Monash University in Australia. My career began in the not-for-profit sector, before a successful career working for the federal government in Australia.

I also previously trained as a Lifeline Crisis Supporter (a suicide hotline in Australia). With my family, I run an organic farm just outside of Canberra, Australia and raise a young family with my partner.

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